Artichoke Pizza

Now, I know that one of New York’s claims to fame is linked with the perfection of the large, cheesy, greasy thin crust pizza, sure to bring simple satisfaction to an empty stomach, but straying from the margherita classic, I think have found a new favorite.

For years, while visiting my sister, I would pass by Artichoke Pizza and see a line trailing from the tiny storefront, wondering what all the fuss was about. One day, I ventured in and tried the classic margherita pizza, standing at the cramped bar in the company of four firefighters while struggling to sop up all the tasty oil on my delicious, but standard, slice. Reaching over to hand me a napkin to assist me in my awkward one-handed maneuver, the firefighters mentioned that they had come all the way from Brooklyn to taste the famous Artichoke Pizza. Not one of them had a slice of margherita. Looking around at the rich, creamy slices of pizza layered with artichoke and spinach, I knew I had made a grave mistake.

A year later (and hopefully, wiser) Margaux and I strolled in and I proudly went to the counter to stake my claim on the humongous fresh slices coming from the oven. I have eaten many slices of pizza in my life, but I have NEVER seen a slice of pizza this large. With a crispy crust that caved to reveal a softer doughy center , the pizza certainly lived up to its hype. Having only tried spinach and artichoke dip in the last year (I know), the slice still tasted like something completely new and original, with an ideal combination of garlic, cheese and yummy veggies.

A couple days later, in the company of friends and fellow Artichoke admirers, the topic of calorie count came up. I gasped, then paused, remembered the creamy cheesy bliss, then told myself it contained vegetables. Problem solved;)


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