Baggu Leather Pouches

I have a strange obsession with pretty boxes, decorative bowls and dishes, and little leather pouches. I love to have catchalls for the clusters of things that inevitably clutter my desk top and handbags, leading to a 5 minute search for a chap stick that seems to have fallen into the recesses of an oversized tote.

So I couldn’t express my contentment when I found this perfect Baggu pouch in this season’s “it” color: mint!  I had seen the leather Baggu line on their website, but wanted to see them in person. Lucky enough, while meeting my sister downtown for lunch, we took a stop at Purl Soho, and there beckoning from a glass shadowbox, was the whole collection of pretty little pouches!

The rounded shape is ideal for my essential beauty items including a powder compact, small pot of under eye concealer, a lip balm, and my favorite shade of lipstick at the moment. Great for transferring necessary items from bag to bag and at $20 and made in the US in super supple leather, it’s a sweet little indulgence. I want one in every color!

How cute are these felt elephants??!

Purl also deserves a notable mention as it’s a one stop shop for knitting and sewing aficionados, with every yarn and brightly colored fabric under the sun. If only I had something to upholster or knew how to knit…hmmm, could be my next hobby!


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