Impossible Conversations…and Photos

Though I had expected to get some decent shots of the carpet, what I got instead were moments documenting the insanity surrounding the Met Gala red carpet bubble. Within the tents, time stood still as each draped goddess emerged onto the red carpet as we all watched from across the street, mere plebeians. I remember the absolute joy I experienced last year when I casually decided to take a look at the spectacle and ended up glued to my spot for 2 and half hours, unable to look away from the close sight of Gisele, Renee, Valentino, SJP, and every other major fashion icon and celebrity as they took to the famed steps of the Met.

This year, I thought arriving 45 minutes before the carpet event would secure me a great vantage point, yet there were already throngs of admirers waiting steadily in the rain. So, while there are no fantastic pictures, it was still a fantastic experience. For me, the interest in watching is tied to the fascination of celebrity culture. It’s amusing to see the most famous faces in the world intermingling, curious to watch as they kiss on the cheek and say hello to one another, acquainted only through these types of events. While Rachel Zoe was on the red carpet, she ran up to Marc Jacobs to say hello and Roger (her husband) pulled out his phone to take a pic of the pair, while paparazzi captured the whole thing. Jessica Chastain reached out towards the crowd with a hand behind her ear, trying to grasp what the fans were yelling, and Emily Blunt and Jon Krasinski waved cheerfully and chatted with Amy Adams. I imagine that they are somewhat aware of the insane spectacle that this gala draws and how surreal this world really is. I mean, how often do we real people get to go a ball, replete with trailing gowns in fantastical settings like the Met??

Getting back to the real spectacle, the fashion is none like you have ever seen. I love that at it’s core the gala is a fashion affair, so anything goes, without the worries of commercial and mass appeal. My eyes were so busy trying to recognize faces and process all of the stunning colors, textures, and shimmer, that it was impossible to choose a favorite! After some thought, though, my top looks were Karolina Kurkova, a glittering thirties siren in Rachel Zoe Collection, Emma Stone in a short, fun and flirty dress by Lanvin, Constance Jablonski in gorgeous oceanic hues by Haider Ackermann, Lily Collins in ethereal lacy Valentino haute couture, and Camilla Belle in a slinky, silvered Ralph Lauren backless column.

I also realize now how starkly different dresses can look in person as opposed to on camera or in still photographs. When I started looking through the shots online, the dresses tended to look a bit flat and a lot of the sparkle was lost. For example, Scarlett Johansson was wearing an embroidered mermaid gown which in person dazzled like it was encrusted with diamonds, an effect totally lost in pictures.

All in all, this red carpet extravaganza is like none other, an otherworldly collision of outlandish fashion, starstruck moments, and art. I can’t think of anything better. Well, other than an invitation, that is.

To check out the best and most comprehensive images of the Met Gala, check out Who do you think was best-dressed?

Star gazing at its best, and most crowded.

Jessica Pare, aka Mrs. Draper striking a pose.

Huge kudos to Christina Ricci for daring to wear this gigantic bow adorned dress by Thakoon, not gonna lie, I loved it!

Anna Wintour and Bee Schaffer. It must feel like looking into the sun.

So close and yet so far!!

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