Sunny Disposition

After weeks of touch and go weather, it seems as though the sunny warmth might finally be here to stay. And with the sunshine, comes an excellent opportunity for me to wear my new Warby Parker shades! I have had my eye on these Everett tortoise shell sunglasses for months, and my family graciously gifted them to me for my birthday! When I first chanced upon the line’s website, I thought it was such a fantastic idea, offering all optical and sunwear styles for $95. I was a bit iffy about the quality offered at such a price point, but presented in a nice suede case, the glasses are really solid, high quality frames. And for each pair you buy, they donate a pair of glasses to a person in need. With several companies catching on to this retail model, it really makes you feel good about what you buy. So bring it on summer, I’m ready!

I also just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to share a pic of my picture perfect birthday cake, a raspberry cream and chocolate cake from Empire Cake. Margaux and I had walked past this bakery in Chelsea a while back, but the cakes on display were so extravagant and beautiful that I thought for sure that they would also be extremely pricey and not so reasonable for a small birthday  celebration. So imagine my surprise when Margaux revealed this simple and deliciously smooth confection post dinner! I know where to go for all of my cake needs from now on. Mmmm, so yummy, I think I might partake in another slice right now…

Happy weekend everyone and to all the special Mommys out there, Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you feel loved:)


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