Picnic in the Park

One of the many perks of living on the Upper East Side is our proximity to Central Park. And while I’m sure most New Yorkers would note that as a plus, we always hear our friends in the neighborhood saying that they never go to the park or haven’t been to the Met in years. But every chance we get, when the sun is out, Robert and I take leisurely strolls or take the opportunity to explore hidden areas or just pack a quick picnic, as we did this weekend.

With weather spiking to 78, we knew that most of the city would be there. The general excitement of a long impending summer filled with popsicles and games of frisbee was tangible and so nice to witness. I packed my strawberries and whipped cream, some Syrah soaked creamy cheddar and picked up a baguette along the way, making for a perfect midday snack. We found a big shady tree, parked our picnic blanket, and spent the next two hours lounging in breezy bliss.

I can’t explain how nice it felt to wear a light, white, strappy dress!

Got a chance to catch up on my Vogue too and bust out my new Dolce Vita gold sandals!


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