The Upper Rust

New York is full of good problems. Too many good places to eat, too many shows to see, too many stores to shop in. I feel as though I’m always mentally cataloguing places as I walk through new neighborhoods, or even familiar ones, as things change so often here.

One day, two years ago, a few months before I moved here, I went to a rooftop party and along the way, I found this really cute shop with lots of shabby chic items outside on the sidewalk. I didn’t have enough time to stop in, so I mentally stored it away and every time I’d go down to East Village, I’d keep an eye out. Since I never recorded the address (or the name), I could have sworn it was off of 2nd avenue, somewhere between 2nd and 10th streets. So two years later, while walking with my sister, I finally came across it again and I couldn’t believe it was just sitting there, taunting me, two avenue blocks over the whole time! Turns out, The Upper Rust is on 9th street, between 1st and avenue A.

Getting past my idiocy and excitement, I walked in and it was filled with the curious things and treasures I imagined. Lots of vintage prints, photos, industrial light fixtures, mercury glass vases, display cases, and cool signage. It has an old farmhouse/barnyard feel that is cozy and inviting and makes you want to pore over every detail, just to make sure you don’t miss a great find. One of my top picks was a vintage looking print in an old frame that said ‘Seriously.’ with (not to be taken) at the bottom. I want it! There’s a lot of humor in the meticulously chosen items and I think it would make a great stop for someone looking for an original hostess gift.

Even after making our way out of the store, some 20 min later, I felt the need to peruse all the nifty little things outside on the sidewalk. This place definitely has some curb appeal.


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