Most days, I enjoy living on the Upper East Side. It’s close to Central Park, Museum Mile, Laduree on Madison, and it’s quiet on Sundays. One thing my neighborhood is definitely lacking though is an excellent gelato shop. I loooove ice cream, to put it mildly, and every time the sun shines, no matter the season, I want a cup or a cone of the frozen treat in any form. I’ll take regular ice cream, soft serve, or gelato, but it frustrates me that there is no great go-to for one of my favorite desserts in this area.

So when I’m craving some rich melting gelato, I head downtown. While I’ve tried many places, one I had yet to test out was Amorino, on University Place, north of Washington Square Park. It opened about a year ago, but every time I meant to try it I had already eaten or some other confection had gotten to me first.

Walking around Soho in mid 70s weather last weekend was just the push I needed (I mean, for serious, do you really have to force feed me gelato??) to make it to the Italian creamery. I tend to favor gelato a bit more these days as it’s lighter and smoother, while maintaining the same depth of flavor. I chose the Amorino cioccolato, which had the semi-sweet flavor that I love, and coconut, which is also one of my favorite flavors and makes one of the best combos. I will say, though, that while my cone was exactly what I wanted that afternoon, it was a bit on the pricier side. It’s probably better that it is a bit of splurge, though. Otherwise, I’d be tempted to try all of the flavors!

Flavors include amaretto, caramel with salted butter, tiramisu, hazelnut, dulce de leche…ok, you can stop drooling now;)

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