Lost in Translation

I love New York for the simple fact that you could be in one place one second and step into an elevator and POOF, you’re in a completely different realm, one that could only seamlessly coincide with everything else in such a unique city.

My family and I were wandering around, and my sister mentioned that she had been wanting to pick up some miso paste at a Japanese market off of 3rd on Stuyvesant St., but she always felt it was a bit sketchy and she was nervous to go in by herself in the evenings. Well, luckily her suspicions were totally unwarranted, minus the unassuming entryway to an elevator. Once we got upstairs, though, we took note of the overwhelming array of colorful packages, all labeled in symbols we could not understand.

This place is legit.

Candies, fish for making your own sushi, Japanese fashion magazines, home goods, movies, and more types of soy sauce than I could ever have imagined existing, Sunrise Market is little Japan in New York. If you ever want all of the goods to make the perfect sushi or Japanese dinner, this is the place to go. I have to go back and pick up some of the mysteriously packaged sweets and have a tasting without even trying to figure out what they are first. This could be interesting.


2 thoughts on “Lost in Translation

    • Thanks Jen! I loved seeing pictures of Max in Portugal by the way. So cute. I hope you guys have a great summer abroad!

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