Without the end of classes to mark a long summer filled with beach days, vacations, and lazy afternoons, it’s harder to feel like summer is really here. Life continues, work continues, and the sun can sometimes feel like it’s taunting you. But this year, I really felt that Memorial Day weekend was the beginning of what I’m hoping will be an exciting summer spent with friends and family. My two best girlfriends from college came to visit me this past weekend and it was a marathon of sightseeing, restaurant hopping, and boutique shopping. I feel like I’m still recuperating, though it felt so nice to have the company of my girls again!

So before I get into all of the fun details of my girls’ weekend jaunts, I wanted to share pictures from last weekend’s adventures in Connecticut. Never ones to stay the course, my family and I took the opportunity to get out of the city and explore the picturesque towns of New Canaan, Westport, and Greenwich. It will always feel strange to me that just 45 minutes outside of the city, another lush, green, suburban world awaits, complete with main streets and ice cream shops. Mad Men always springs to mind, a domestic Betty Draper reality contrasted with the grit of the working world of Manhattan.

Anyway, the scenery was refreshing and I loved peeking into the independently owned boutiques and gift stores. I picked up a beautiful labradorite pendant at a boutique in New Canaan and then started adding everything to my wish list once we got to Dovecote in Westport. I first went to Dovecote last year on a mini business trip and I absolutely fell in love. The owner is a former fashion buyer who now travels to Paris several times a year to source one-of-a-kind treasures for her store. Totally my dream job. The boutique is exceptionally curated and features color-coordinated vignettes and pieces from every price point, as well as an adjoining section for stunning jewelry. It is the ideal place to find unique pieces to add flair and a layer of sophistication to your space. Of course, I have an expensive eye and kept picking up shagreen boxes and frames and ostrich leather clutches, but I would have been equally satisfied walking out with any one of the lovely scented candles or coffee table books on fashion and design.

In short, Dovecote is what my design dreams are built upon. A layer of slick modernity, a smattering of beautiful antique craftsmanship, and a touch of whimsy and color. Love, love, love.

The perfect vignette for a beachside getaway.

I went nuts for that elephant pillow–the gold Buddha’s pretty rad too though.

I can never say no to white lacquer, so chic.

Convex mirrors are so neat, I want one!

The perfect sized settee for a small apartment like mine–wink, wink.

I don’t know when I started loving all things elephantine, but I WANT this print. The fact that it’s actually split in two and framed separately makes it even more interesting and distinct.

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