Weekend Roundup

As I mentioned earlier this week, my Memorial Day weekend was so much of a whirlwind that only while going through all of the pictures did I remember all of the things we did. From a peek into Laduree, a picnic in Central Park, pizza and pasta at Eataly (and a drink at Birreria), a walk along the High Line, another slice of Artichoke Pizza (always a good idea), a day at the Brooklyn Flea, a pint (or two) at McSorley’s, and some culture and fine art at the Met, we REALLY made the rounds around the city. So this is my weekend roundup.

You might think from glancing at these pics that drinking constituted most of the weekend, but I swear we only had one drink at each place over the course of four days. When it’s sunny and 88 degrees outside, a cool glass of prosecco or a nice white sangria is mandatory to beat the heat. And speaking of cooling down…as much as I’ve posted about gelato, my friends even noticed this weekend that in every instance, any comment I made about the heat ultimately coincided with a justification of why I absolutely needed an ice cream or gelato. What can I say? If the sun insists on scorching me, then I deserve some gelato.

The trickling water stream on the High Line was also a great refresher. I always love visiting the High Line and was actually lucky enough to witness it’s inaugural day with my friend Ashley three years ago. Since then, it’s become such a New York destination and this time around, I noticed that they have also added a bunch of food vendors in addition to L’Arte del Gelato, which has been a Chelsea Market and High Line mainstay for a while. It’s a brilliant idea and I’m so excited to try out some of the vendors, including a booth selling pork tacos. Yum.

McSorley’s is another regular on my list of places to take out-of-towners, as it’s the oldest ale house in New York and it offers such a unique experience, even if you’re not a big beer person like me. To start, when you step inside, you’ll notice inches of sawdust coating the floors and you’ll likely be greeted by a gruff long-haired man in a grey smock asking you in a thick Irish accent if you’d like to sit. Naturally, you would, and so, he’ll lead you over to a table that has seen a few (or a million) beer spills and you’ll promptly be seated next to a group of people with about 20 empty glasses between them. McSorley’s only offers light or dark ale, and they only serve them in pairs. So if you order two light, two dark, expect to have eight mugs smacked on the table, delivered in a swift one handed maneuver by the gruff guy. It’s an experience, and this time, it was Fleet Week, which meant lots of sailors to complete the all American feel.

Aside from McSorley’s, no New York vacation would also be complete without a trip on the L train to Brooklyn. Neither Katie nor Ashley had ever been, so I took them to the Burg. We went to the flea (more on that later), we saw the sights, and then we got really hot and had to stop by Surf Bar, a cool place Rob and I had chanced upon one time during our flea escapades. Basically a big rasta themed sand box with a chill courtyard in the back, Surf Bar is a great summer bar in which to take a midday break. A Red Stripe, a Brooklyn Lager, and a couple of sangrias and we were back in business.

On the last day of the visit, we decided to stay in the area and go to the Met, especially since Ashley had never been. Inconceivable! I can never get enough of this magnificent museum and this time, I actually checked out something I hadn’t seen before! We were recommended the rooftop terrace, which features a large scale installation and is open from spring through fall. The best feature for me was the great view though, with sprawling scenes of Central Park and the rest of Manhattan. Great picture spot!

Hope you all have a great early summer weekend!

Nom, nom, nom;)

I’m tellin’ ya’, I can never get enough.

Just try to say McSorley’s without it coming out like McSwirley’s. I dare you.

When in Rome…or an Irish ale house. I just wonder when they ran out of wall space..

Rockin’ my new leather earrings at Surf Bar in Brooklyn.

White sangria with strawberries, pineapple, and orange. So summery!

I used to come to the Met years ago and watch this man quietly sketch in the sculpture galleries while everyone looked on in wonder. I was so happy to see him still drawing amazing works of art, so unassuming.

What a view!

This installation was so cool because it was so interactive. Everyone was so curious about the different mirrored angles. You can actually walk up inside it.

Wearing my new high top chucks (I’m obsessed!) and one of my favorite little summer dresses from Urban Outfitters. And I’m wearing my hair curly, which I never do! New York has changed my style more than I realize sometimes.

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