These Flats Are Made For Walking

As much as I love shoes, it’s always been a little bit harder for me to get excited about buying flats. They’re utilitarian, they get beat up quickly, and I can’t justify spending a lot of money on them because they’re so practical. Well, New York streets have humbled me right down to the tips of my usually sore toes. My dreams of sashaying around in my beloved four inch heels on a regular basis are long gone and I have learned to love being more down to earth.

Flats are my new best friend and I can’t wait to test out my new acquisitions, all scored on sale for under $60! The fun patent leather yellow Bloch ones satisfy my summer color trend requirements, the red J.Crew factory ones are so French and chic, and the black ones are just plain necessary (I didn’t have a classic black pair at all beforehand). And for once, I actually went for comfort AND appearance as they all fit like a glove and have much more padding than my others. Do you have any flat favorites to swear by?

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