I never used to a be a huge jewelry gal, but you know how they say that we all turn into our mothers as we grow up? Well, my mom was right about jewelry brightening up a look, but for me, it also personalizes a look. Despite the lasting trend for big, statement jewelry, I love teeny tiny jewelry in precious metals that become a permanent and delicate part of my style.

When I discovered Catbird, I fell head over heels for all of the handmade, sweet little pieces and with their tiny little letter rings in particular. I first spotted their pieces on one of my favorite daily reads, Oh Joy!and was really drawn to the little collection of rings Joy had put together to create a personal look. I guess a little birdie told Robert about them because on Valentine’s Day, I was presented with a little box with an ampersand ring inside! I was a bit puzzled as to why he chose the ampersand, but he explained that the ampersand would let me know that there was still an “a” and “r” to come. Be still my heart.

Since then, I have added a threadbare ring to my jewelry box and I continued to check out their great site, but I really wanted to go to the boutique in person because it’s nearby in Williamsburg. After one of my flea-scapades, my friends and I walked over to the boutique, which is just as teeny tiny as their precious jewels, but really well layered with all sorts of curiosities and baubles in old, apothecary style displays.

I walked away with a little gold twisted stacking ring (a belated birthday gift from my sweet friend Katie) to add to my Catbird collection… but I have my eye on that bone inlay mermaid box to stash my little treasures in!

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