Window Watching

A few weeks ago, when Rob and I were walking back from a show at Radio City when we got caught in the rain unexpectedly. It was 10:30 or so on a Tuesday night and Madison Avenue was deserted–it felt like the city was all ours for a moment. The soft rain and the calm streets allowed me to focus more clearly on the bright glow coming from within the abandoned high end boutiques. I started to look at the windows differently, viewing the displays and the curated spaces as mini fashion museums, filled with stand alone pieces of art. Without the ebb and flow of customers and salespeople to create the commercial environment, I could imagine different lives and scenarios around the clothes, and I was free to appreciate the detail and beauty of each garment. This breathtaking silvery dress by Armani literally stopped me in my tracks–the exquisite embroidery and corsetry created a structured yet ethereal, oceanic feel. And the tribute to Alber Elbaz’s 10 years at Lanvin in the windows of Barneys left me with a similar feeling of awe, though it was accomplished in an entirely different way–with color, fluidity, and movement. Moments like these remind me why I love fashion so much and why it continues to inspire me in new and interesting ways. I guess sometimes you just need to let the raindrops fall and enjoy the view…


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