West Village, Old New York

If I could live in any neighborhood in New York, it would be West Village. I love the narrow, tree-lined streets and historic charm imbued in every brownstone, garden, and old bookstore. It has a quaint, neighborhood vibe while still maintaining close proximity to Soho, Meatpacking, and Union Square area.

When I lived in East Village one summer, I made a habit of walking across town every other day to buy myself a cupcake at Magnolia Bakery on Bleecker (walking burns calories, right?). West Village is a bit more of a trek these days, but when we can, Rob and I like to walk down Bleecker, picking up a gelato at Grom or an old-fashioned Italian pastry at Rocco’s along the way. And while Bleecker boasts plenty of awesome contemporary boutiques (it may just as well be named Marc Jacobs street), it is still nice to venture off onto side streets and duck into small shops like Three Lives and Company or walk through a lovely community garden like Jefferson Market Garden. Of the many patches of green, this well kept little space is my favorite, with it’s mini koi pond and lush red rose bushes. If you’re lucky enough to score a spot on one of the few benches, it can be a restful retreat from a long day of being on your feet. The towering Victorian Gothic library that stands adjacent to the garden is also one of highlighting features of the space; it really sets the historic marking point for the neighborhood.

When we’re here, we like to imagine what New York was like in the days of horse-drawn carriages and wood burning stoves. I can’t resist marveling at the grand townhouses and imagining what it would be like to live in such a home one day…maybe one day.

Like my pad? Oh, to dream.


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