Bleau Samba

I’ve finally settled back into the flow of being in New York again and I’ve had a chance to gather some pics from my trip. I mentioned that I went home to visit family for a few days, but this trip had some special circumstances as it was a surprise for my Mom’s birthday! My dad and my sister and I concocted a plan to have us fly in, drive to Miami, seat ourselves at the restaurant and have my parents waltz in and see us. It went off without a hitch! Even better than expected, actually, since the waitress seated my parents at a two-top directly in our line of sight so it took my mom a few minutes to see us before she gasped and burst into tears. Very memorable moment.

Now, back to the setting. Every time I go home, I always try to drive down to Lincoln Road to walk along the strip, do some window-shopping, and catch some lunch outdoors (and certainly some Key Lime Custard at Shake Shack, a flavor unique to Miami). The weather didn’t exactly cooperate for sunny strolling this time around, but we were at least able to grab dinner at Sushi Samba, one of my fave places to eat in Miami. While there are two locations in New York, I think the latin-fused atmosphere is best suited to Miami and we all love any chance to eat some Brazilian inspired food. In addition to the Brazilian component, the menu also has touches of Japanese and Peruvian flavors to create a unique experience.

I ordered the moqueca (pictured above), a mix of jumbo shrimp, mussels, and white fish in a coconut milk based sauce similar to a Thai yellow curry without the spice. I wanted to drink the sauce by the ladel-ful, so I kinda wish that the sizable appearance matched the quantity of seafood inside. Still, the vibrant design and energetic samba playing in the background set just the right tone for the evening, which included another surprise!

Before we headed out for Miami, my dad had labeled a card “Instructions” for us to follow. Inside, Margaux and I found out that he had arranged for us to spend a night at the uber-trendy Fountainebleau hotel! My parents had arrived at the landmark hotel earlier in the day to enjoy the pool and just have a mini excursion, but we didn’t think that we would be invited! For this frugal new New Yorker, it was a wonderful luxury to feel like a queen for a night. And I finally got to bust out the embroidered, Marrakesh-inspired BCBG runway dress that I’ve been saving for years!

2 thoughts on “Bleau Samba

    • I actually got it online, but I first tried it on with you at Lincoln Road at the BCBG store:) That day was so much fun, I wanna go back! We should have another Miami adventure one day.

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