Home Sweet Home

If there is any question as to where my sweet tooth came from, all it takes is walking through my parents’ front door to figure it out. A devout chocoholic, my dad actually has an annual stash delivered from a chocolate shop in Maine during the winter months so it won’t melt. It must be the Swiss blood. So when my sister and I visit, it’s like a saccharine summit with at least five kinds of desserts to satisfy our cravings.

And things really get out of hand when we have a party. To celebrate a wonderful new opportunity for my dad, we had several people over for a dinner party. Not only did my mom make her famous flan, I also decided to make my dad’s favorite cupcakes as a belated Father’s Day gift. Known as Irish car bomb cupcakes, these treats pack an intense chocolate punch. I first tried them at a birthday party years ago and begged the woman to give me the recipe. Every time I make them, they are a huge hit and the fool-proof recipe never fails to turn out a perfect batch. The chocolate batter is made with Guinness, the dark ganache filling with a touch of Jameson’s, and it’s all topped off with Bailey’s frosting. ‘Nough said.

Oh, wait. Did I also mention that there was also a chocolate fudge cake, a chocolate mousse cake, and some homemade chocolate chip hazelnut ice cream thrown in just for fun? They say acceptance is the first step.

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