All That Glitters…

…is gold. I mentioned once before that my mom always told me to use jewelry as an accent to draw attention to your face and to liven up an outfit. Well, not only did I start to see her point of view, but I made a complete 180 change and suddenly became obsessed with jewelry once I entered my last job as a jewelry production and showroom manager. I relished the creative possibilities and swooned every time I saw a spectrum of sparkling gemstones. While I was at home, my dad mused, ‘ how is it that every time I come in here, you’re in your mom’s jewelry box?’ Chunky gold bracelets, delicate pendants, and fun, colorful chandelier earrings; I love playing dress up with my mom’s pieces. And since jewelry has always been such an integral part of her style, I decided to use my recent jewelry production skills to craft my mom a very special gift for her birthday.

A collaboration between me, my dad, and my extremely skilled jeweler friend, this emerald cut aquamarine and amethyst ring is a stunner. I got the idea for the ring while looking through my mom’s jewelry over Christmas and remembered that my grandfather had given my mom a parcel of loose stones years ago, including a pair of emerald cut amethysts. My mom isn’t really a fan of purple, but I thought if I could use them as accents to a center stone in her favorite color, then I could create something that would hold real sentimental value and remind her of her dad. As incredible as it looks, the process was not as seamless. It took lots of searching for the setting, three rough white gold part, and a few weeks to craft this beauty, but when we gave it to her after so many months, her shock and excitement was so worth it.

Playing dress up will be so much more fun now;)


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