Gov Ball

It’s the 4th of July, which unofficially marks that summer is well under way. Barbecues, beach days, and summer Fridays, it’s all about having some carefree good times. Though I’m not entirely sure what today has in store for me yet, I know that fireworks will be in the mix and hopefully some good ol’ fashioned American food.

If I’m lucky, it’ll be a day like Governor’s Ball. Two Sundays ago, this popular music fest on Randall’s Island managed to harness some of my absolute favorite bands- Explosions in the Sky, Modest Mouse, Fiona Apple, and Beck– to create an afternoon of total awesomeness. Explosions in the Sky blew all my expectations and served up a hair raising musical experience and Modest Mouse was just another damn good time. And since each act alternated stages, we could catch every single band we wanted to, without overlap and delays. Very well-organized, with plenty of yummy food vendors, a photo booth, croquet, ladder ball, and sponsored merch booths, Gov Ball was everything a chill summer day should be. It was like a hipster theme park.

I also went for the gold and indulged in the ultimate summer food, funnel cake!! And now that I’ve had it, I won’t be eating it for another few years. Hope everyone has a stellar 4th!



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