Salsa Lessons

You know how we all have those things that we’ve decided we just don’t like? You try something a couple times, you say, “ew, no, not for me” and then it becomes the easiest thing to add onto your personal traits. For me, it’s Mexican food. I don’t have many boundaries when it comes to types of cuisine, but whenever I was asked if there was any type of restaurant I didn’t want to go to for dinner, it would always be Mexican. No Chipotle, no Taco Bell, no guacamole; I even went to MEXICO and didn’t like Mexican food. Until, however, I gave it a try here in New York.

Suddenly, I realized, “ok, I don’t like heavy, sour cream coated Tex Mex, but I do like fresh shrimp tacos and carnitas and of all things, guacamole!” The difference is the portion sizes, the freshness of the ingredients and an emphasis on exciting flavors, not just your average cheese product poured on dry, tasteless chicken in a tortilla. We have a favorite local taqueria now (I’ll post it soon, promise), but I was also thrilled to come across La Esquina, which I had been hearing about for ages and had walked by countless times, never really knowing that it wasn’t the vintage corner deli that it advertised. On a ninety-something degree day, there actually seems to be little else that seems as appealing as some fresh tacos and buckets of ice water.

After checking out To Rome With Love, we walked over to Lafayette and saw the inviting tables outside this corner spot and decided to just go for it. Rob ordered the fish tacos, which he exclaimed were the most flavorful fish tacos he’s ever had, while I went with the bistec tacos, after I found out the shrimp were sold out:( While we waited for our plates, tray after tray of yucca fries kept coming out past us and I had to stop myself from drooling and then reminded myself I don’t really eat fried food! Who am I?? I’ve become this cilantro, avocado, lime, and taco obsessed freak!

I suppose people can change then, because the plate of skirt steak, chili salsa goodness that was presented before me looked more tantalizing at that moment than a colossal slice of sumptuous chocolate cake.  Maybe I can chalk it up to the weather, it made me delirious;) Spicy, juicy, tangy, and perfectly cooked, this was one fine taco. Oh, and I will be back for those fries.


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