Straight to the Source

Finally! Paper Source has arrived in Manhattan! For years, I have had to venture to DC, Boston, and Atlanta to get my Paper Source fix (I know there’s one in Brooklyn, but I never made it to that location) and now I can finally enjoy the pretty paper eye candy right here in two locations! One on Columbus Ave in the Upper West Side will likely become my store of choice, but I got a peek at their Soho shop and I am in love. Though I’ve cited Kate’s Paperie, (nearby on Broome, major competition) and Papyrus and other stationery shops as favorites, I think I may have experienced a change of heart.

Paper Presentation does have a huge selection of pragmatic stationery and supplies and Kate’s Paperie used to have larger outposts all over the city, but now I feel that Paper Source really does have the most fun and balanced inventory of paper products. Luscious papers, cards, gifts, photo albums, silly gifts and oddities, and just about anything you could ever need to put together a creative project–this store’s got it all. Whenever I walk in there, I walk out with a laundry list in my head of all the things I need that I never even knew existed before, like a mini letterpress machine, the cutest little lady bug decorations, sophisticated labels, and rolls upon rolls of the most eye-catching papers I’ve ever seen. I need it!

I can only imagine what kind of insanity is going to take place once the holidays come around. Every year, I splurge on all the loveliest wrappings and trimmings I can get my hands on, and that is going to be oh, so much easier now that Paper Source is nearby. I’m a firm believer in packaging being just as important as the gift itself –I was totally that kid who got more excited about the big cardboard box my gift came in than whatever was inside. I know I’m old school, but I have an obsession with exquisite paper, cards, magazines, books, prints, photographs, postcards, notebooks, agendas, and anything beautifully adorned that I can hold in my hand and display lovingly. I relish the tactile experience of paper products and thoroughly look forward to all the fun times I’ll have with these paper pretties. Funny enough, the first thing I did purchase at the Manhattan location was not paper, but an ornate little gold frame. Just trying to pace myself.

Stickers! The five year old in me is crying out for the glittery cupcakes and party hats.

These hand-printed Japanese papers are gorgeous enough to be framed on their own.

I love that they include so many gift and decor options, including a sophisticated linen framed mood board that I have my eye on. I also bought the rectangular version of that little gold oval frame.

I can even satisfy my craving for a cupcake here!


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