Pancakes, Pie and Some Putt Putt

For someone who once professed to never really like breakfast foods, I sure do love brunch. I know I’m going to thoroughly freak people out when I say this, but I don’t like bacon, or breakfast sausage and I didn’t used to like eggs, pancakes, or coffee! Sacrilege! How is it that people’s tastes can change so much? Now there is nothing more satisfying to me than walking in the door of some place cozy and rustic and smelling the addictive aroma of fresh coffee and the savory, slightly sweet scent of pancakes and omelettes wafting in the air.

Which is why I absolutely had to eat at Bubby’s. With recipes culled from antique all-American cookbooks, Bubby’s does brunch best; open 24 hours, including a midnight brunch special. I was a bit skeptical at first, especially when I saw sour cream and sourdough pancakes on the menu, but I figured that if this place has been around for over 20 years, they must be doing something right. We all decided to test out the said sour cream version and lo and behold–they were delicious, with a creamy, almost melt-in-your-mouth taste.

But the real reason for heading to Bubby’s is first and foremost their pie selection. Michigan Sour Cherry, Mile High Apple, Strawberry Rhubarb, and my summer favorite Key Lime, are well worth the trip downtown and maybe even best suited for a midnight jaunt. I went with Key Lime, which I had been craving for a while, and was pleasantly surprised by the tart, light, custard texture that wasn’t too heavy or dairy-based (a mistake most places make). Even if you can’t make it to their Tribeca and Dumbo locales, you can actually have Bubby’s famous pies delivered anywhere in the country. After seeing their online selection, I most certainly cannot wait to try the Apple Whiskey Crumble. Uh-mazing and perfect for crispy autumn days ahead.

After all that pancake, chicken apple sausage and pie delight, we had to walk it off and figured there’d be no better place to do that than Tribeca, where I had never ventured before. It’s strange stepping into a new neighborhood in New York, because once you think that you really grasp the lay of the land, you realize just how expansive and multi-dimensional this little island really is. As though I didn’t feel that way before.

Tribeca has the architecture and vibe of Soho and Meatpacking combined, but it was dead on a Sunday afternoon. There are more tightly-edited retail options and it feels more residential, a logical reason why so many celebs choose to live here (Sofia Coppola was casually brunching at the table next to us). It has the cool factor, but without the tourists and the crowds. And because it borders on the financial district, you can feel some of the power and agency that those glass high rises suggest.

So we walked and we walked and though the sun was hiding, the heat was no less scathing. We saw the water in the distance and decided to walk over to the river to see the view, which is always refreshing even if you can’t just jump in. Once we reached the bike lanes along the banks, we noticed a mini golf park, of all things, on Pier 25. What better way to relax after brunch than a playful round of mini-golf. I hadn’t played since I was a kid and I had forgotten just how fun it could be!

In addition to the golf course, there is a beach volleyball court, skate park, sailing lessons, and a water park/playground for kids. Now I know why Tribeca is a New York City real estate hotspot!


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