Live Colorfully

I love color in nature, in art and at home, but for some reason, this excitement over the color spectrum doesn’t translate to my wardrobe. My closet dominates in neutral tones of black, white, grey, olive, with some peach thrown in here or there. I guess I still strive for that exceptionally tailored and well-cut wardrobe of high-end basics that you can just throw on and look effortlessly chic in, no matter the season or trend cycle. But even I couldn’t completely ignore fashion’s latest obsession with head-to-toe color and chose to fuse this fascination with my love of small leather goods and accessories.

{From left to right: J.Crew clutch; Kate Spade wallet; Dovecote passport holder; Barneys leather pouch; Kate Spade business card case}

If you want color, look no further than my shoe closet. Pale pink, metallic violet, ruby red, turquoise, it all lives here. Which is precisely why I just couldn’t pass up these lovely cobalt strappies. These were practically given to me at $40 on sale at J.Crew (I know, I’m seriously an addict). It’s one hue not yet represented in my rainbow of fancy footwear and with an easier-to-manage wedge, I’m sure these will quickly become a new summer fave.

As for spirited little leather goods, you already know about my infatuation with Baggu’s leather pouches, but I really owe my appreciation for the luxury of everyday items to Kate Spade. Since Deborah Lloyd’s inception, Kate Spade has thrown the pragmatic approach to accessorizing on its head and added a much-needed dose of whimsy and humor to the brand. Whenever I need an energizer, all I have to do is walk into one of their incredibly designed boutiques for a boost of inspiration. While at home, I snatched up this mint business card case and classic-looking travel wallet, which hints at a playful surprise inside with just a whisper of yellow peeking out from the edges. The mint case makes me so happy every time I look at it and the travel wallet makes me feel so grown up!

As much as I heart my new Kate Spade acquisitions, I needn’t overlook this striped beauty, which makes an appearance in almost every one of these photos because it’s just too much fun! I first saw this clutch in stores, and then on Oh Joy!, when I promptly became obsessed. So imagine my joy when I was glancing through the trusty sale section at J.Crew and found one lonely clutch just begging me to give it a home. At $35, I couldn’t say no. All my clutches are black, so I’m so excited to mix up my neutral ensembles with my favorite pattern in technicolor! Look at me, soooo daring.

Check out the fun polka-dotted surprise inside my wallet! Oh, and did I mention that I upgraded to an iPhone 4 and I simply had to dress it up with some more candy-colored stripes? ;) Have a colorful day!

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