Ebony and Sand

When it comes to a choice between spring or fall fashion, there really is no contest. I’m a full-on cozy sweater addict; I love blazers, and scarves and polished-looking layers. Summer dresses and all of the fussy florals that plaster the windows of shops just don’t appeal to me as much. Plus, no matter how pretty you feel in a light frock, the blasting heat will inevitably make you feel like leftovers sadly suctioned to saran wrap. All that said, in order to retain some of my dignity in 90+ weather, I try to keep things as easy as possible. Cotton t-shirts, simple black shorts and now, my new chic slides.

My shoe family can now say hello to a new member that has been a long time coming. I have many summer sandals, but all with cumbersome buckles, ties, or some other distraction that makes it one step more difficult to just kick them off when I open the front door. Until now, my only slip-on sandal option were my trusty rubber Havaianas; comfy but not exactly on-the-town chic. Thong sandals seem to be one of the only options when it comes to low-key summer footwear, which is why I was so happy to find these uber-cool sandals at Anthro by Schuler & Sons.

Really well-made in my favorite neutral tones, they have just the right amount of style to pull together an effortlessly chic downtown look. I absolutely love the bit of snakeskin texture and I feel so cool when I put them on, á la Gwyneth or Ashley Olsen. They almost make running errands a bit more fun too!

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