On the Street

Fashion and art often intersect, but in New York, the two collide in perpetually interesting and new ways. As I was walking down Elizabeth Street (I feel as though I’ve been living on this street lately) with my sister, we came across this graffiti artist giving a fresh new look to the side of the rag&bone store on Houston. With street art, what I find so interesting is how the surrounding buildings and urban landscape give the artwork new context. I always spend a moment or two trying to figure out why a piece was chosen for that particular spot. And in this case, my question is how this piece connects with the fashion brand, or does it even have to?

Rag&bone likes to give itself a makeover now and then, allowing different artists to grace the adjacent wall, like a mini revolving art museum. I thought it was so cool to actually see the artist in action as well, because I had always envisioned graffiti art as happening when no one’s looking, appearing all at once like magic. Besides the awesome scale of this piece, the way he was able to create contouring and dimensional movement with these crazy spray-paint squiggles just blows my mind.

Who says you need to go to the Met to see some art?

Have an artful and inspiring Labor Day weekend everyone!

Bookworm’s Delight

Warning: bookworm/paper addict geek-out fest about to happen.

It’s no secret that I love the written word in all its lovely forms, but sadly, I know I’m one of the few people who still buy actual books. I’m not gonna lie, my modes of acquiring literary sustenance range from Amazon’s seriously slashed selection to used bookstores, so I’m not exactly supporting independent bookstores singlehandedly. And this makes me sad. I love brick-and-mortar bookstores; I love the scent of hot-off-the presses books and coffee wafting in the air and the promise of a great story waiting to be discovered.

In fact, when I was 6 or 7, I received my first monetary gift in the form of a $20 dollar bill for my birthday. I knew exactly what I wanted, so I asked my mom to go to Borders so I could buy a gorgeously illustrated Sleeping Beauty ballet book. It made me so happy to purchase something that I could cherish and look at over and over again. I still have the book and it makes me smile when I look at it. Yep, I really am a nerd.

Thankfully, though, bookworms can still hold their ground in this city, largely in part to wonderful booksellers like McNally Jackson. Here is a store that manages to feel hipster and artsy, while maintaining a handsome, cozy atmosphere that makes you want to linger. And I absolutely freaking LOVE the decor! I mean, the book page wallpaper? I am so there. I am equally enamored with the hanging book/ lighting fixtures that draw my attention every time I walk in.

The selection is edited to make you feel as though you want to read every book on display and also houses a lot of niche interest and art books, which I often go straight towards. There’s just something to walking in and seeing the inciting covers of new releases and thumbing through them to see if something speaks to you. You just can’t do that on Amazon. Annnddd…in addition to selling books, McNally Jackson also publishes books in the store! Soooo cool. They carry these limited editions next to their giant, fancy Espresso Book Machine (doesn’t that just sound like something that should make coffee and books at the same time, hehe?) so you can see what fellow writers are churning out.

Now if my nerd speak didn’t convince you to go out and support your local independent bookstore, I don’t know what will. Keep books alive people! Ok, geek out over, resume normalcy.

Echoing this haunting Monica Bellucci cover, I’m hungry for some cozy fall weather, lattes, and some September issues!

Tacos at Tacombi

I’m back! After a short sabbatical and a couple of life changes (new job, looking for a new apartment, etc), I’ve gotten myself organized and am glad to be posting again:) It’s been a nutty couple of weeks as summer starts to wind down and we all start to think of cooler climes and the busier days of fall ahead.

In an effort to cling to the perfect breezy days that have swept in, I seem to have been eating nothing but Mexican food. Given all the Latin-infused fare featured on this blog lately, I can now proclaim summer 2012 the summer of the taco!

Carnitas, shrimp, chorizo, I love ’em all, especially when they’re made in an ol’ VW bus like at Tacombi. This place is seriously cool, with it’s garage-cum-vintage restaurant vibe and lots of delish lunch options. I’ve been a few times and each taco I’ve tried has hit the spot. All of the options usually come slathered in some kind of juicy, citrusy, or spicy sauce and when coupled with a white sparkling sangria…well, it’s just summer on a plate.

If you choose to go for the self-service option and sit at one of the high-top benches, the taco orders are individual, so I’d recommend setting yourself up with a tasting of two or three. Order with some yummy fresh fruit juices and just let the sleepy satisfaction set in and savor the last moments of summer warmth. The only thing missing? A hammock. Now that would be siesta done right ;)

Taking Pause

Hi all,

Sorry for being absent this week, but I’m going to need to take some time away from the blog to sort some things out. I hope to get back to sharing with you as soon as possible. I’ll leave you with this little snapshot of my lovely gilded frame from Paper Source to remind me of better times and good things to come. Have a sweet weekend!


Sister, Sister

It’s funny how two people can have the same upbringing, be so different, and still get along so well. My little sister and I can divine what the other is thinking instantly, we often say the same thing at the same time (so embarrassing), and we share a love of fashion, design and travel, yet we have totally different personalities and styles. Margaux emulates that easy breezy Cali cool-girl-at-the-beach vibe, all prints and colors, while I usually stick to a more New York neutral, layered, feminine-with-a-hint-of-schoolboy look. She counts Elle Macpherson and fully-fringed boho Kate Moss as style icons and usually sticks to palettes of browns, whites, and colors, always making sure her hair is her best accessory. I, on the other hand, tend to emulate women like Anne Hathaway, Alexa Chung, and Taylor Tomasi Hill and am quite content to just throw my carelessly blown-dry hair up into a bun.

We’ve always laughed about our differences and when we go shopping together, we muse how certain items are “soooo you- totally not my style”. And even when we do fall in love with the same piece (which does happen a lot), I’ll choose the black and red version, while Margaux will reach for the brown and blue.

So while walking around West Village one afternoon, I commented on how even when I totally split with convention and buy a printed blue silk top (her color) and Margaux shows up wearing shades of solid neutrals including red (sooo my color), we are still totally embracing our own styles. My outfit is grounded by black, my favorite neutral, as well as a penchant for button-down silk blouses and skinny bottoms. Margaux, meanwhile, looks so chic and put-together in white cropped jeans and a sleeveless trench vest that I wouldn’t dare try.

It’s so interesting to see your tastes and style really solidify in your 20s and be able to more clearly define who you are and what you like. I’ve felt it happening and thought about it some more when I read this post on DesignLoveFest the other day. I know living in New York has definitely had an influence on my general outlook and perspective on so many areas of life and style, and I’m sure it has for my sister as well. I’m curious to see how we evolve in the same city together. 

Respective styles aside, we both know that there is no escaping turning into our mom! More and more, we’ve been picking up her old handbags and jewelry and being drawn to more classic pieces. Now how’s that for a nature vs. nurture debate?!