Life as a Haus

My love of design and interiors goes hand in hand with my love of fashion. A resolute homebody, my space is my sanctuary and source of inspiration, no matter how small, so it has to be just as pretty as my wardrobe. Which is why I love discovering new interior decorating and lifestyle stores. Just like your wardrobe, your home should be a balance of big-chain retail staples and thoughtful touches that reflect your unique personality. Haus Interior has just the thing.

A boutique interior design firm that also offers its warm, minimalist aesthetic in the form of two retail outposts, Haus Interior is chock full of design goodies for such a petite space. Neutrals, organic elements, rustic accents, and some serious chevron love make the shop feel like a gift from the designers for those who can’t receive the full Haus Interior treatment. Not too shabby a consolation prize if you ask me. I particularly fell in love with the surprising touches like black candlesticks and wooden shadowboxes with scenes of marine life inside. Lighting is also used to great effect, with caged Edison bulbs suspended or propped throughout while a smokey orb lamp takes center stage with a warm glow.

Walking through, examining the wares, you get the sense that whatever you take home from Haus, it will be special but it will also become seamlessly yours. These pieces are so carefully selected and styled, but they are meant to quietly enhance a room, rather than overwhelm it. That’s what I took away from my shopping experience here– a focus back on quality and details, as well as an urge to purge and redecorate everything!

Plus, I entered a raffle during my first visit in the store and I won a candle! I’ve never ever won anything before, seriously! So excited to take a bit of Haus home :)

Love the diffused glow and shape of this lamp, no shade necessary!

The best armor for a girls’ night out at the bar. Straightforward and absolutely hilarious. I’m so easily amused.

I want one of these so badly! My favorite elements: one part industrial, one part brass, add one part feminine floral. And done.

Very tribal. Super cool.

I thought these bare bulbs would be blindingly bright, but they are actually quite warm. I like that you can put them pretty much anywhere.

I’m feelin’ the shades-of-grey chevron against the warm tones of the wood. DIY inspiration? That would require one mean painter’s tape job.

My deliciously sultry, scented candle in Bergamot and Black Tea. Reminds me of a trip I took to Switzerland years ago, perched in the mountains drinking Irish breakfast tea. Thank you again, Haus Interior!


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