Sister, Sister

It’s funny how two people can have the same upbringing, be so different, and still get along so well. My little sister and I can divine what the other is thinking instantly, we often say the same thing at the same time (so embarrassing), and we share a love of fashion, design and travel, yet we have totally different personalities and styles. Margaux emulates that easy breezy Cali cool-girl-at-the-beach vibe, all prints and colors, while I usually stick to a more New York neutral, layered, feminine-with-a-hint-of-schoolboy look. She counts Elle Macpherson and fully-fringed boho Kate Moss as style icons and usually sticks to palettes of browns, whites, and colors, always making sure her hair is her best accessory. I, on the other hand, tend to emulate women like Anne Hathaway, Alexa Chung, and Taylor Tomasi Hill and am quite content to just throw my carelessly blown-dry hair up into a bun.

We’ve always laughed about our differences and when we go shopping together, we muse how certain items are “soooo you- totally not my style”. And even when we do fall in love with the same piece (which does happen a lot), I’ll choose the black and red version, while Margaux will reach for the brown and blue.

So while walking around West Village one afternoon, I commented on how even when I totally split with convention and buy a printed blue silk top (her color) and Margaux shows up wearing shades of solid neutrals including red (sooo my color), we are still totally embracing our own styles. My outfit is grounded by black, my favorite neutral, as well as a penchant for button-down silk blouses and skinny bottoms. Margaux, meanwhile, looks so chic and put-together in white cropped jeans and a sleeveless trench vest that I wouldn’t dare try.

It’s so interesting to see your tastes and style really solidify in your 20s and be able to more clearly define who you are and what you like. I’ve felt it happening and thought about it some more when I read this post on DesignLoveFest the other day. I know living in New York has definitely had an influence on my general outlook and perspective on so many areas of life and style, and I’m sure it has for my sister as well. I’m curious to see how we evolve in the same city together. 

Respective styles aside, we both know that there is no escaping turning into our mom! More and more, we’ve been picking up her old handbags and jewelry and being drawn to more classic pieces. Now how’s that for a nature vs. nurture debate?!



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