On the Street

Fashion and art often intersect, but in New York, the two collide in perpetually interesting and new ways. As I was walking down Elizabeth Street (I feel as though I’ve been living on this street lately) with my sister, we came across this graffiti artist giving a fresh new look to the side of the rag&bone store on Houston. With street art, what I find so interesting is how the surrounding buildings and urban landscape give the artwork new context. I always spend a moment or two trying to figure out why a piece was chosen for that particular spot. And in this case, my question is how this piece connects with the fashion brand, or does it even have to?

Rag&bone likes to give itself a makeover now and then, allowing different artists to grace the adjacent wall, like a mini revolving art museum. I thought it was so cool to actually see the artist in action as well, because I had always envisioned graffiti art as happening when no one’s looking, appearing all at once like magic. Besides the awesome scale of this piece, the way he was able to create contouring and dimensional movement with these crazy spray-paint squiggles just blows my mind.

Who says you need to go to the Met to see some art?

Have an artful and inspiring Labor Day weekend everyone!


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