Sundays and Cones

Okay, okay. So I know I’m not allowed to write about ice cream ever again, due to my overzealous eyes for the treat, but I thought I could excuse it because it’s almost going to be too cold to eat it soon…. ummm, yea right. I’m not a fair weather ice cream eater! Ice cream is always appropriate, so I guess you’ll just have to get used to it around here.

In all my ice cream craze, I have yet to post about my absolute favorite ice cream shop. When I was living in East Village a few summers back, Sundaes and Cones was my savior, as I knew no one here and it provided me with a comforting little evening ritual. Just a couple convenient blocks away from my apartment at the time, the welcoming parlor has benches outside and is open til midnight on weekends, so I spent many a sweltering night grabbing a cone and watching the passersby and the evening action. Coconut, mint chocolate chip, and good old rocky road always made summer nights feel a little more special.

Still a go-to place for my sister and I, Sundaes and Cones was the perfect place for a girly catch-up on a crisp, sunny fall Sunday. There are few old school ice cream shops in the city, with gelato stealing all the thunder (not like I don’t love gelato), so it’s nice to have a friendly neighborhood shop to always count on. Really fresh and creamy, with traditional and clever flavors including lychee and sesame, this sweet little place reminds me of the simple pleasures of childhood and the all-American comfort of this classic dessert. In my book, there is no season for something this good!

The Friendly Farmer

Since moving to New York, brunch is now my favorite meal. Little compares to the comfort of sleeping in, rolling out of bed and going straight to a cozy haven where they feed you warm delicious food before you even realize what time it is. When I first moved, it was the dead of winter and my sister and I decided to go to a place that she said would provide just the sort of cozy country atmosphere that would warm me up, inside and out.

Since then, Friend of a Farmer has been a staple on our brunch circuit. Stepping inside, you feel as though you’ve entered a quaint B&B in the English countryside. Creaky stairs, slate tabletops, and charming chintz complete the homey atmosphere, and the savory aroma immediately invades your senses. When we go here, I feel relaxed, as though we could be entirely somewhere else, waking up after a restful stay.

The food is just as inviting, with fairly priced offerings like pumpkin pancakes with apple butter, crab cakes benedict, and a wide array of omelets gracing the menu. Hearty, fresh, and simple, the food will leave you satiated and wanting to crawl back into bed for a midday nap. Now if only it was a bed and breakfast…


So what was it that I said about designer treats just last week? Well, I’d say Magnolia’s Swarovski cupcake sold exclusively during fashion week fits the bill. Yep, you read that right, even the uber-trendy bakeries have to stay on top of their game with a fashion collaboration. When this tidbit of info came up on my Racked news feed, you know I had to get in on the action. Only available for one week at the Bloomingdale’s (how apt, shopping and cupcakes!), I woke up super early to snatch one up! The press photos featured a glistening jewel of a cake, complete with sparkling sprinkles and some big blue bling in the center. Just like a runway ready look, desserts are getting accessorized.

I’m still not entirely sure what cupcakes have to do with fashion other than the fact that they’re pretty to look at and somehow spark a little bit of pure sensual joy. I can’t think of many things that actually make me smile and gasp with glee aside from cupcakes and shoes, so there you go. Either way, this confection isn’t made to just look pretty or it wouldn’t be a Magnolia cupcake.

The bakery responsible for making cupcakes synonymous with “trendy” now draws lines of people waiting to score one of their treats or just to take a picture in front of the shop that Sex and the City made famous(it’s actually part of the walking tour). People don’t stand in line for nothing, though. On the hunt for the perfect cupcake for years, I thought the hype about Magnolia was just that, hype. But I’ve got to say, these cakes are stupid good. My favorite is chocolate on chocolate; smooth, rich, creamy frosting that’s not too sweet and melt-in-your-mouth cake make this a mean sweet. Forget diamonds, cupcakes are a girl’s best friend (especially ones with faux edible diamonds!).


Tried and True

With fall setting in and trends sprouting up all over the runways, it doesn’t seem like the time to think about tried-and-true basics and staples. We’re all lusting over newness, yet when you’re in a rush, there is little more comforting than knowing what you can grab to complete an always classic, clean look.

I’ve been packing up to move and have set aside my simple wardrobe staples to choose from and it’s actually been a bit refreshing because it reminds me what I wear most, what I miss wearing in my closet, and some of the holes that need to be filled. But wardrobe staples are nothing without the beauty essentials that I live by to give me some polish and keep me from looking like a hot mess. So I assembled a couple shots to share the products I can’t go without– from a simple gold necklace and my Warby Parker shades to my Maybelline Great Lash!

{Top image, from left to right: Michael Kors watch, Catbird rings, heirloom necklace and ring, Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in Lover (perfect bright red that I like to dilute with lip balm), Essie nail polish in Mademoiselle (just a hint of color for a no-muss manicure), Balenciaga perfume, Warby Parker shades}

{Bottom image, from left to right: Essie nail polish, Balenciaga perfume, Nars blush in Orgasm (the most flattering peachy shade), Clinique Dramatically Different Gel moisturizer (super light and refreshing), Lorac concealer (very blendable and brightening), Kiehl’s Super Fluid SPF 50 sunscree(dries super quickly) Maybelline Great Lash mascara (I’ve never used anything else, works like a dream), L’Oreal True Match powder, Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick, Maybelline Stiletto liquid eyeliner in black}

Sidewalk Runway

It’s officially fashion week! For years and years, whenever this ultimate fashion event rolled around, I’d always swear that I’d do anything to be a part of it–stalk the tents just to get a glimpse of the excitement, volunteer at the shows… I just wished so badly to get a piece of this larger-than-life parade of beauty and creativity. With the internet streaming everything and street style shots going up every five seconds, it would seem that everyone can be a part of the spectacle now, yet I think it’s only heightened the hype and the enigma. For some reason or other though, when I did move here, I didn’t really make an effort to go to Lincoln Center and see what the fuss was about. While it must be a wonderful thing to actually take part in, I guess I prefer my distilled version of this world–taking inspiration from blog photos and glossy shoots and enjoying the style frenzy that occurs when the fashionistas descend on the city. Regardless of whether you go to the shows or not, you still feel the energy shift; women start dressing with fall in mind, lanky models reign everywhere, and the windows beckon with goodies to come. And, with Fashion’s Night Out, the game has really changed because everyone can participate! I remember when Vogue created the event four years ago and I begged my sister to check it out because I couldn’t all the way in Florida. She wasn’t convinced about it’s potential to be something special, so she opted to stay in and study. The next year, I didn’t take no for an answer and I created an elaborate itinerary to live vicariously through her and, lo and behold, she had an amazing time. But finally, last year was my turn! I met Sarah Jessica Parker at Manolo Blahnik (most surreal moment, she was so sweet!!!), stumbled to put together a coherent sentence in front of Garance Dore (favorite fashion blogger and style icon), and took some rockin’ photo booth pictures at Kirna Zabete. New York reveled in full; people swarming the streets, six inch heels on cobblestone, clever cocktails, street style at its best (and most insane) and yelps and cheers as the real democratization of fashion took place. The thrill was palpable. New York has a new official holiday. Every year gets more and more crazy, and I think of Anna Wintour’s incredible impact as the event continues to spread and go global. This year, I didn’t get to see as much of the action because I was working the event (sorry for the lack of pics). Being in Soho though, I did see a fair amount of the madness, as people swarmed the area and fans began to line up at rag&bone at 5 (I heard there was a concert and free jeans). And while strolling around this weekend, I caught sight of Bergdorf’s celebration of its 111th anniversary and Barneys kooky aquarium ode to Louboutins. Love it or hate it, fashion is always a good conversation starter!