With Sugar on Top

It says a lot about our shifty culture when desserts go out of trend. Desserts have become fashionable in a way that I think few would have expected, as heavily stylized treat tables are no longer reserved for weddings and bite-sized sweets even get passed around at fashion week! At the center of the sugar craze is the cupcake, arguably the first and reigning “it” dessert. After fro-yo, macaroons, and cookies have made comebacks, some questioned whether cupcakes are still the sweet du jour. But with a cupcake shop seemingly on every other street, I’d say that the frosted treat is still on top.

Maybe it’s the pretty swirl of pale-hued frosting or just the fact that it’s a perfectly-portioned confection to call your own. For me, cupcakes can make any day celebratory, without rhyme or reason. So when I stopped into Little Cupcake Bakeshop on Mott St. (seemingly the only cupcake bakery I haven’t yet tried), I decided to salute the day and sit down with a baked ode to Little Italy, a tiramisu cupcake.

Super light and fluffy with a creamy, whipped frosting that had none of the grainy texture that you get from standard grocery store buttercream, this cake really lived up to its sister sweet. None of that heavy, overwhelming feeling that can result from even the most delicious desserts is also what made the Mott St. cupcake a great mid-day pick-me-up. And cupcakes can really make a difference (not just to your waistline). Little Cupcake Bakeshop is making its mark by improving the world, one cupcake at a time, by using sustainable ingredients from local farms and offering FEED (Lauren Bush’s initiative to end child hunger) merchandise in-store. Philanthropy and cupcakes, talk about a guilt-free treat!

I’ve gotta try one of these next; coconut is one of my favorite flavors next to chocolate!

Margaux’s Brooklyn Blackout cake was also crazy good. Just sayin’.


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