So what was it that I said about designer treats just last week? Well, I’d say Magnolia’s Swarovski cupcake sold exclusively during fashion week fits the bill. Yep, you read that right, even the uber-trendy bakeries have to stay on top of their game with a fashion collaboration. When this tidbit of info came up on my Racked news feed, you know I had to get in on the action. Only available for one week at the Bloomingdale’s (how apt, shopping and cupcakes!), I woke up super early to snatch one up! The press photos featured a glistening jewel of a cake, complete with sparkling sprinkles and some big blue bling in the center. Just like a runway ready look, desserts are getting accessorized.

I’m still not entirely sure what cupcakes have to do with fashion other than the fact that they’re pretty to look at and somehow spark a little bit of pure sensual joy. I can’t think of many things that actually make me smile and gasp with glee aside from cupcakes and shoes, so there you go. Either way, this confection isn’t made to just look pretty or it wouldn’t be a Magnolia cupcake.

The bakery responsible for making cupcakes synonymous with “trendy” now draws lines of people waiting to score one of their treats or just to take a picture in front of the shop that Sex and the City made famous(it’s actually part of the walking tour). People don’t stand in line for nothing, though. On the hunt for the perfect cupcake for years, I thought the hype about Magnolia was just that, hype. But I’ve got to say, these cakes are stupid good. My favorite is chocolate on chocolate; smooth, rich, creamy frosting that’s not too sweet and melt-in-your-mouth cake make this a mean sweet. Forget diamonds, cupcakes are a girl’s best friend (especially ones with faux edible diamonds!).



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