…And Everything in Between

Sandy through us all for a loop this week (nothing creepier than a New York that does sleep…in total darkness), but as we all get back to the frivolities of daily life and the modern wonder of electricity, I’m glad to be able to focus on something less troubling and more cheerful. Halloween is over and my mind is officially free to drift to thoughts of the holidays and colder days ahead.

Wish lists, gift wrap, holiday movies, sweaters, and peppermint chocolate are all in the mix and I can’t wait! And if there’s one store that I can’t wait to browse and window shop, it’s ABC Home. For anyone visiting New York with a love of design and in search of a unique gift, this store has it all. ABC Home offers a retail experience that is so quintessentially New York, so exclusive to this city and so refreshing in a world homogenized by globalism.

Jewelry, in-store designer clothing boutiques, stationery, tablewares, vases, lighting, upholstery, candles, it’s like this store was made for me! Even after walking into the store a million times, I only noticed how saturated the ceiling is with lighting fixtures a couple weeks ago once I started taking pictures. I never bothered to look up before because there’s already so much to look at on every other plane! Dense with goodness, ABC Home is the type of store where you know you’ll walk out with something entirely individual, exotic, and likely, handcrafted.

There’s an air of wonderland about the place as everything glimmers, glass sparkles and becomes pearlescent, delicate boxes reveal aromatic secrets, and everything hides, waiting to be discovered. This feeling only becomes amplified during Christmas time when fantasy completely takes over and glitter coats everything your eyes fall upon. Magical.

And all this only describes the first floor of this mega-boutique, since I have yet to thoroughly explore anything beyond that. In due time, I’m sure. The next time I attempt it, I’ll be sure to take a pit-stop at ABC Kitchen, one of my favorite restaurants, if not my number 1. The only reason I haven’t posted about it yet is because the mood is too intimate and candlelit and the food too succulent and savory to spoil with photographs. For a special occasion, there’s no place better.

Visual inspiration, shopping thrills, and a culinary epiphany: I can think of few ways to better spend a November afternoon;)

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