The Blue Smock

You never know what you might come across in Central Park. On a Sunday stroll two weekends ago, Rob and I were walking around the pond near 59th St. and saw a big crowd of people dressed in Sunday whites. We assumed it was a wedding, but as we got closer, we figured out it was some kind of charity event with potato sack races, ballerinas, and an old school jazz band. And walking towards us, taking pictures of the whole thing, was Bill Cunningham!

Now, first I have to explain a similar encounter we had a month or so before to make what I’m about to say somewhat sensical.¬†We had also been walking to the park, and as we passed the Frick, I noticed a woman wearing an eccentric outfit stepping into the museum’s side entrance. A millisecond later, Rob and I registered the presence of another figure clad in his trademark blue smock and we turned to each other and let out a dramatic simultaneous gasp as we recognized the legendary street style photographer and immediately burst out laughing. I keep thinking it would have made a hilarious picture if somewhat had caught our ridiculous expressions with Bill in the background.

The moment was so fitting as Rob had just watched the documentary Bill Cunningham New York (I saw it first when it came out in theaters last year) and we found it so inspiring that even at 84, and after all the press and the hype surrounding the film, he’s still doing exactly what he’s always done. For anyone who has any interest in the history of New York, photography, or street style, I highly recommend it.

So, the second time around, what does my adorable boyfriend do? Oh, you know, just gasp audibly again, but this time, Bill caught the look and yanked his head over to us to see what he had done to cause such a stir. So embarrassing, and completely hi-larious!

Next time I hope to have my camera at the ready to immortalize Rob’s starstruck expression. Priceless.